Weight Loss After 30: Losing Weight After 30 Isn’t Difficult

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Hey, I’m so fat now. Earlier I used to get extra small clothes, everyone used to praise my figure, but now even the large size has started staying small.

My husband says that I covered the journey from extra small to large very quickly. It is very sad to remember my old days then I never thought before eating.

Used to eat a lot, whether it was outside food or my passion for sweets. All this is not hidden from anyone. But now as I am coming in 30 plus, the weight is increasing.
Now I don’t even eat sweets that much. I have this question to everyone that will I ever lose weight.

I feel very bad whenever you choose a dress for yourself and can’t find your size. This problem is not only mine but many women like me. But why does this happen? Suddenly weight starts increasing after one age. This question is for many people like me.

Why do I gain weight after 30?

Actually, before Weight Loss after 30, we lead a life of carelessness. Just walking around, having fun with friends. That’s just the lifestyle. But when we come to our family life, then the responsibilities increase a lot.

On one hand, your career, the rush to achieve life goals, the pressure of becoming financially secure soon, taking care of your job as well as home, family and children.

These are all the areas when we consciously start ignoring ourselves unknowingly. Due to the busy lifestyle, taking care of your diet becomes work and due to responsibilities, stress also starts increasing. All these have an effect on our health and due to this weight also starts increasing.

There has also been a study in this regard, according to which the process of metabolism and fat burning slows down in the body of women at the age of 30. This translates into a lower calorie requirement on a daily basis. But according to this we do not make any changes in our diet.

We keep on eating as before and as a result, extra calories start accumulating in our body and get started on the work of increasing fat. But that does not mean at all that weight cannot be reduced in 30 plus. Health experts say that you can reduce your weight by taking restful sleep, reducing your bad eating habits and by adopting many other methods.

Focus On Healthy Diet

Bring variety in your diet; eat different types of fruits and vegetables. Eat fruits and vegetables according to the season. Eliminate junk and oily food. Include protein in your diet. Consult a nutritionist and follow your diet chart and eat nutritious food. Take small meals 5 times a day. This will keep your metabolism right.

Try To Make Yourself Happy

Do whatever you like; try to do what makes the mind happy because if our mind is happy then its direct effect will also be seen on our body.

Don’t Compromise On Sleep

No matter how important the work is, but do not disturb your sleep. Set a bedtime every day and take 7-8 hours of sleep. If there is no sleep or if the eyes are opened in the middle, then hunger also starts and then what we eat in reverse, increases calories and increases fat.

Drink Plenty of Water

It is very important to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. It also keeps the metabolism of our body right. Due to this, the stomach remains fine and gas is also not formed. When the stomach is fine, it will not even bloat.

Focus On Exercising

Make rules everyday. Do some exercise? As if you want to get up early every morning and go for walk, do yoga, join gym. Doing activities like push ups, jumping rope, running will help in reducing weight.

Learn To Say No To Food

We have a habit that when someone offers us to eat, many times we eat that thing to keep the mind of the other person in spite of not being mindful. If you are also one of those people who are increasing their fat in the pursuit of making people happy, then do not do this at all. This will not only increase the weight but will also be a victim of many unwanted diseases.

Say Bye To Stress

All your efforts to work weight will be defeated in front of stress, so first solve the things or problems about which you are worried. Take the help of counseling or solve the problem through dialogue. If you are under stress then do yoga.

Eat Real Food

Avoid eating processed and low-carb food available in the market. Whatever you eat, cook it fresh at home and eat it. Outside food is very unhealthy.

Cut Down On Sweets

Replace white sugar with brown sugar or jaggery. Cold drinks, juices and other drinks available in the market are just full of calories and artificial sweeteners. This will not only increase your sugar but can also increase your weight.

That is why drink only ginger tea, black tea, green tea, herbal tea or plain hot water. Eat healthy drinks like mango pannabell syrup, curd namkeen lassi. Drink all these things without sugar.
It will feel strange a couple of times but then you will get used to drinking like this. This will help you a lot in working out your weight.

Also Monitor Your Weight

Well, losing weight is not an overnight process. It takes a lot of time. But even after starting your diet, measure your weight once and also write down your waist size.
Check again after some time, if even a little work has been done, it will only give you motivation.

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