4 Ways to Change Your Home Decor As Seasons Change

Change Your Home Decor

Following the Weather
Here’s the thing about seasonal changes: they’re not always precisely the same. Certainly, for the most part, you can start your autumn décor in September, but some regions get an “Indian Summer” all the way till the end of October.

So, to an extent, you’re going to want to plan decorative changes not only around the time of year it is but what the weather is doing. There are other things to factor in as well, here we’ll look at four ways to change home décor as the season transitions through the year.


1. Try to Make Interior Decor Like Plants Match the Season
Add some plants by season to help the interior décor match what the outside of your home is doing. If you’re reading this in October or November, you’ll want orange, brown, and yellow flowers indoors. If you’re in spring, bright green things, pinks, and delicate coloration are in order. Summer is for vibrance, winter is for stark pristine blankness.

2. Look Into Decor Functionality to Reflect the Season
A gazebo is permanent, an external tent that you drive into the grass of your backyard with pegs isn’t. During summer, such a tent is perfect for shade while you read, or have a picnic. In winter, though the hard ground keeps the pegs in, the wind will yet be stronger as surrounding foliage withers away. You won’t use that backyard tent in winter, either.

This is an exterior yard decoration, but curb appeal is part of home décor. You get the point: what the weather does affects how you can decorate, and you want what you do to be “functional”. Halloween may suggest motion-activated décor that gives the viewer a shock. Winter décor might put gloves and boot stations right near the door for ease of cleaning.

3. Match Color Schemes to the Time of Year
Green, yellow, pink, light blue—these are Spring colors. Summer has a lot more yellow, and a lot more vibrancy. Autumn is when you lean into muted earthy hues. Winter is for wintergreen, the deep red of a poinsettia, and the stark white of endless snow. Color alone can help seasonal décor properly reflect changes in the year.


4. Decorative Placement is Also Important
Christmas is when you change one room of your home to match the season. That’s a wintertime thing, and it usually starts sometime after Halloween, then sticks around until, glumly, sometime in January, it’s time to switch them out for new year’s décor. Part of your decorative strategy at home might be using a particular room to reflect seasonal changes.

You’re going to need to do so during at least one transition, you might as well make things easier. The placement could mean decorating one area, or an entire part of the house; it’s up to you. Here’s a link on room decoration tactics.Decor For All Seasons
Maybe cordon off a room or an area for seasonal décor. Pay close attention to coloration, keep functionality in mind, and match the season with foliage decoration. Such tips will help you make the most of the year, at least as far as décor is concerned.

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