VoIP Services: Think about Fun

VoIP Services: Think about Fun
VoIP Services: Think about Fun

VoIP Services are being taken up quickly by small and mid-sized businesses. The VoIP business phone servicehave helped save businesses a lot of money and it portrays the professional image of a big company. Here are a couple of stories for you to enjoy from your local service providers

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Begin with a monkey cage with five monkeys. Get a banana and hang it on string with stairs beneath it. After a while, one of the monkeys will climb towards the banana. When he does, spray cold water on the others. They will forget it for a while and another monkey will attempt to get the banana with similar results. When any other monkey tries to get to the banana, the others, not wanting a spray of cold water, will try as much as they can to prevent their colleague from making an attempt.

Now, set aside your cold water. Replace one of the monkeys and completely remove one. The fresh monkey will see the banana and he will want to get to it. However, he wont get very far because the rest will attack him. With his second and third attempt resulting in a vicious attack, he will have to give up as he knows when he tries he will be beaten.

Then, remove another monkey of your original pack and put in a new one. New monkey tries the same and is assaulted and the previous new monkey takes part with enthusiasm. Replace the rest gradually and they eventually attack without any idea why the attacks are happening and why they are not allowed to get to the banana.

So, why do the monkeys that have never been sprayed with cold water stop trying to get the banana?

Answer: To the monkeys, that’s how things are done.

That, is the beginning of company policy, my friends.

Costly Vet Visit

A man brings his limp dog to the vet. He lays it on the clinic table and the vet pulls his stethoscope and places the receptor atop the chest of the dog. After some minutes, he says to the man “I am sorry, but he is dead.” “What?” screams the man. “How do you know? You have not tested him. I will get and I want a second opinion.”

Second Opinion

The vet goes out of the room. He returns with a Labrador retriever in tow. The retriever goes straight to work, prods and sniffs, checks the dead dog and shakes his head sadly and says “Bark.”

The vet takes the retriever out and returns after a few minutes, this time a carrying a cat. The cat also checks the dog lying on the vet’s table. He goes round and takes his time. Then the cat shakes his head sadly and says “Meow.” The cat jumps off and runs out. After the tests, the vet hands the man his bill of $600. The man goes berserk. “$600! That is outrageous! So that you can tell me that my dog’s dead?”

The vet shakes his head and explains. If you only had agreed, then the bill would be $50, but there was a CAT scan and Lab work…VoIP services is the way to go for businesses that want to improve their business communications. Get reliable VoIP softphone for business for affordable rates from trusted providers.

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