Types of Airblast AFC Services

Using Airblast AFC services will ensure that your work is carried out quickly and safely. Different services include portable, containerized, and plastic media blasting.

Plastic media blasting

Whether you need quality Airblast AFC or equipment, Airblast AFC can provide you with the solution you need. With over five decades of experience delivering turnkey blast solutions to international marine customers, Airblast AFC is a leader in surface preparation.

Plastic media blasting is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional abrasive blasting. The softer granules allow for more delicate jobs while minimizing the risk of damage. It can also be reused multiple times, eliminating waste. As a result, this is the perfect material for large industrial structures such as wind turbines.

If you are in the logistics or transport industry, you might need plastic media blasting. It is also a good choice for the aerospace industry. The high-pressure blast will smooth out rough surfaces and remove the coating.

The most challenging abrasive blasting material is Silicon Carbide. However, this is the best material for general-purpose heavy-duty blast-cutting applications and is available in various colors and purities.

Portable recovery device

RSI has a long history of innovation in the recovery and disposal of abrasive materials; from a single piece of abrasive to a multi-tonnage abrasive extraction system, RSI has the answer to your blasting needs. The Airflex Recovery Floor is a high-tech, low-cost, and highly functional solution to your abrasive needs. It can be built to your specifications and is available in standard or custom sizes. The Airflex is capable of a high-volume, multi-tonnage abrasive removal and disposal process that requires minimal maintenance and virtually no operator oversight. Its low-profile design and flexible footprint allow for installation in various applications. This makes it an ideal alternative to a conventional abrasive waste treatment system, which can be expensive, prone to damage, and require heavy operator supervision. In addition, its small size and lightweight make it the ideal choice for the mobile contractor. The Airflex is perfect for the mobile abrasive contractor, as it can be installed in virtually any location and transported by forklift or pallet truck to the job site.

Containerized blast booths

Whether you want to create a temporary blasting area or need a blasting booth for a few days each month, containerized blast booths can be the ideal solution. They are cost-effective and can be easily transported to a new location. They are made from converted shipping containers and are weatherproof. In addition, you can customize them to match the building surrounding them, making them the perfect solution for a portable or outdoor blast room.

A containerized blast booth is a self-contained system that consists of a blast machine and a media reclamation system. The abrasive media is collected beneath the feet of the operator and reclaimed for reuse. This makes it easy to start and stop the blasting process and allows for an endless media supply.

This blasting equipment has a front or side opening and a recovery floor. It is designed to quickly change the abrasive type you need according to the blasting process. It also has an adjustable baffle media metering plate to protect against overloading.

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