Top 7 productivity tools for freelancing

It’s fun being your boss till you realize that it is a lot of work!

Several people have jumped on the freelance train in record numbers in recent years. And with the rise in numbers, there has been an increase in burn-out levels as well. There are many different things that freelancers have to do to become their bosses.

One of the biggest challenges many freelancers face is the ability to manage their time well to ensure productivity. In traditional jobs, you usually have a manager who decides and controls your schedule. But when it comes to freelancing, you need to be sure that you can create a schedule that works for you. Just make sure you have a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers high-speed connectivity and strong bandwidth. Cox internet offers a range of internet plans and packages, bound to suit your needs.

 You need to make sure you spend enough time on daily tasks to meet deadlines and keep your customers happy.


Evernote is a powerful cloud-based note-taking tool for consolidating information. The software allows you to take notes in various formats (text, images, audio or video, etc.), organize this information using notepads or tags, and easily find any content using the search field.

Evernote can be used to manage features of your professional as well as your personal life. For instance, you can add meeting programs, set prompts, and cooperate with team members, or simply save daily shopping lists and recipes. All the information gets uploaded in the cloud, so you can use the many built-in apps to upload and access your notes from anywhere.


Harvest makes it easy to track time, understand past projects, and get paid for your work. Built-in apps and incorporation with popular tools like Slack make Harvest fit into your overall workflow.

A wide range of visual reports keeps projects running and your team supported. You can also convert your team’s tracking time and costs into invoices and collect payments easily with combined online payments. As a freelancer, you can spend time wisely on Harvest.


This SaaS project management solution offers project alliance and management, and portfolio management, including resources and task management. Available for both iOS and Android, ProofHub makes it easy for remote teams to stay connected on any device, anywhere, anytime.

You can also get the best control over your projects and achieve successful results with ProofHub. Reliable and scalable, ProofHub allows teams to effectively communicate and collaborate on projects in one place.

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Asana allows you to organize work in teams at any scale – from everyday tasks to strategic cross-functional plans.

Asana is the only work management platform that turns objectives into actions and eliminates silos between teams. Over 100,000 paying customers and millions of free organizations in more than 100 countries rely on Asana to manage everything from business goals to digital transformation, product promotions, and marketing operations.


Zapier is a no-code integration software that allows companies to integrate their suite of software tools. Zapier connects to several software applications to automate the processes that run on those applications. For example, you can link SurveyMonkey and Gmail to automatically send thank you emails to people who have filled out your surveys.

Because Zapier connects apps, you can automate workflows, so you spend less time on monotonous tasks and more time on important things.

Other benefits include increased productivity, less frustration, and the ability to take full advantage of other apps while focusing on multiple projects.


This web application enables you to share content between your devices in real-time. The site has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy to create and share text snippets in real-time.

If you have multiple devices and want to quickly share a note or some information between your devices, you can quickly get this done with ShareTXT.

Visit the website on both devices and paste your content. It will be shared among all of your devices instantly. You can copy it to your clipboard and use it.

ShareTXT is one of the best tools for increasing your productivity online. It is a perfect tool for sharing notes, code, or any other kind of text content.


Indy helps you manage your freelance business. Submit offers, sign contracts, track hours worked, generate invoices, and accept payments – all in one place. Indy will do the hard work of organizing your projects for you. It helps you link clients and project data to your work because no one wants to spend time looking for information that is already available. Instead, the Indy project dashboard provides you with a quick overview of the updates.

As users work on tasks, the time tracking tool records and categorizes the time spent on each task, making it easy to coordinate multiple projects and billing. When it’s time to get paid, you use Indy to create a detailed invoice that you can send directly to customers: in return, they can be sure that Indy is using the best online payment methods like PayPal and Zelle.


Project management skills distinguish successful freelancers from those who struggle to get their work done consistently. One of the tools for effective project management is Trello. Trello simplifies project management by providing a flexible and visual representation of the entire project. Trello users love the user-friendly interface and the ease of managing multiple projects at the same time.

It uses a visual method to organize and present tasks in a clear workflow based on boards, lists, and cards. This makes it easier to track the progress of a project because you can see what’s going on at a glance.

Bottom line

Being a freelancer, you know the importance of managing your time, organizing your work, and communicating effectively, no matter what industry you are in. There are many useful mobile apps and web tools available like Online ChatGPT AI to help you be more productive and manage your workload while working with clients and projects.

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