Top 5 Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

Top 5 Maintenance Plugins for WordPress
Top 5 Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

Running a website, it is inevitable that you will most likely experience downtime or maintenance work with it. When this occurs, it’s highly recommended never to let your visitors realize your site is faulty. That’s why there are tools that help us keep the clients satisfied with our services even when our site is going through hard times.

Whether you are using the best web hosting company in Karachi or any other provider, you will need a maintenance mode plugin for your WordPress site.

We are here to present you with some of the most lavish choices when you find yourself in these situations, with the tools that will display a one-page under construction or maintenance mode.

1.    Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin

This is a highly customizable and easy-to-implement plugin with over 170 themes you can choose for your web page! Besides a bunch of themes, this plugin gives you the possibility to customize almost every part of it – modify the layout, upload your own logo, edit the header, footer and add customized content, add multimedia such as videos like making through video intelligence software, and photos, maps, and forms for the visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, social icons for your social marketing sites, countdown and progress bar banner to visually show how do maintenance works progress, and more!

The plugin offers you a fast and easy solution for your needs without wasting your time on unnecessary things other plugins in a similar niche may have.

The whole process of customizing happens in the visually attractive and minimalistic dashboard that contains everything you need. Analytics insight, theme manager, SEO tool, Emailing services, and License manager.

We would like to emphasize the SEO Tool that will help you understand how to improve your traffic, how to fix and rewrite the titles and words for a more professional look, or how to cope with different problems on your site.

This one features a rich collection of free high-quality images, with over two million in its database. It perfectly collaborates with some leading autoresponder, CRM, and webinar software such as Zapier, which will help you collect emails from your visitors as easily as it seems.

Speaking of price, this plugin comes in three plans: the most affordable one will cost you $39, the Agency Lifetime plan comes for $199, and the most popular plan is Pro Lifetime with the cost of $79.

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2.    UnderConstructionPage

A perfect solution for a visually clean and informative way of presenting the reconstruction page in progress would be definitely the UnderConstructionPage plugin! It is based on everyone’s favorite principle of customizing, which is a drag-and-drop system.

It is fully loaded with visuals and options that will help you make a nice and clean yet informative page about maintenance work currently happening on your site. Just like its predecessor, this one also comes with a great number of pre-installed templates. When you pick one that fits you the most, you are automatically transferred to a dashboard screen where two tabs are positioned on the left – Page Properties and Elements. Here you customize, add and remove all the widgets and elements, edit the page name, upload your own CSS, and edit the page description.

Speaking of elements, there are many you can pick from. Such as two types of heading (big and small), text, images, videos, social icons, newsletters, email forms, countdown timers, buttons, and more. All of these can be easily dragged and dropped to your new page within seconds!

Specifically, this plugin comes with more than 300 pre-installed bundled themes and templates for every niche possible, which is increasing every week! You choose one, install it, and customize it in a matter of minutes using a drag-and-drop builder.

Other features: Google Analytics integration, whitelisted users, MailChimp integration, Cache-Control, Import/export settings.

Pricing goes from $25 $39 to $89 a year, respectfully.

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3.    WP Maintenance

Another great plugin that offers you the opportunity to inform your visitors about the happenings on your website. We have already learned it is not cool closing down the page for some maintenance works without landing a page that will briefly explain what is going on. Consequently, WP Maintenance is another recommendation to you, who will eventually need to do some reconfigurations and redevelopment while keeping the customers well informed and happy.

This one comes with over 20 themes that you can tweak and modify to your needs. It provides built-in tools for SEO services, as well to assist you in optimizing the site perfectly.

Every step is done using the drag-and-drop principle, which is proven to speed up the creation time. The plugin works well with CRM and marketing software such as Zapier, which will help you massively when collecting your customers’ emails via subscription forms. Another great feature this one offers is a huge database with almost four million free HQ images!

A centralized dashboard is a place where you do the whole work – manage sites, purchases, and licenses. It also has Custom User Registration Field in WooCommerce. The Secret Access Link is a tool that allows just you and your team members to control the real website during maintenance.

Speaking of adjustments, this one allows you to alter the site’s name, logo, color scheme, content, and quite much all!

Pricing: $59, $69, and $119.

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4.    SeedProd Maintenance Mode

SeedProd has an elegant and efficient maintenance mode page builder with several features and over 200 pre-installed themes that will ease you in setting your website into maintenance mode.

It is an easy, lightweight, and easy-to-manage mobile-friendly builder that allows you to create and customize the template using a drag-and-drop system with the ability to see the changes in real life! You can add countdown timers, contact forms, progress bars, social profile buttons, and more.

Other features: integration with email marketing services like MailChimp, and ConvertKit, Stock Images, Live Previews, Mobile Preview, Spam Protection, and more.

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5.    WP Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon

WP Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon is a popular, free, and fully customizable maintenance mode page builder with over half a million users! It allows you to modify templates and add subscription and contact forms with the possibility to export the emails as a .csv files, countdown timers, social media icons, etc.

Other features: built-in bot for communication with visitors, background customization, GDPR ready, SEO options, and more.

Final words

When a need for maintenance works occurs, it’s desirable to use the aforementioned tools to keep our clients informed when our site is going through redevelopment time. Our top picks are here; yours is just to explore a little bit more.

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