Tips for Choosing the Best Golf School

For many golfers, the cold weather brings their clubs into storage and a break from lessons. This doesn’t have to be the case, however.

Consider several factors, such as location, pricing, curriculum, and accommodations, when looking for a golf school. This article will provide tips to help you choose the best golf school.


Whether you’re a rank beginner looking for a complete swing makeover or an experienced golfer interested in total immersion learning, a golf school is relatively inexpensive. Depending on the school and length of the program, tuition can range from $3,000 to over $10,000.

While many Golf Schools boast of a high Instructor Ratio, it’s essential to know that this ratio does not always account for the different skill levels of the Students in a given class. This means an experienced golfer scoring 85 may be placed with a group of Golfers scoring 105.

This can be frustrating for the children, frequently resulting in their negative behaviors carrying over to their homes. In golf, it’s all about communication.


Bird Golf, among other top-tier golf schools, goes beyond merely teaching the fundamentals of the game. They offer a comprehensive curriculum covering all facets of golf, encompassing drills to enhance both practice and playing abilities, refinement of swing mechanics, guidance on executing various shots, and strategic approaches to course management.

The curriculum should be tailored to the student’s needs. The best golf school will be able to analyze each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and provide the proper instruction for each area. For example, some golf schools use the K-Vest 3D Motion System and Boditrack Golf Swing Analysis to help students improve their swings.

Also, look for golf schools with low student-to-instructor ratios and use the latest technology to teach. With these advances, teachers can pinpoint flaws in the swing more efficiently and communicate them more clearly with students. They can also continue remote follow-up with students after they return home. This is very important because even the best golf players in the world will occasionally hit a bump in the road.


For most golfers, the winter months mean putting the clubs away and letting them gather dust in the garage. For those who want to shake off the rust and work on their game, golf schools in warm winter locales are an excellent option. These schools range from one-day tune-ups to weeklong extravaganzas featuring breakfast-to-bedtime instruction, drills, testing, practice rounds, and more.

However, not all golf academies are created equal. Some are at top resorts, offering luxury lodging, service, and excellent golf instruction. Others are standalone teaching facilities. Some have a high student-to-instructor ratio, while others have low student-to-instructor ratios that offer individualized attention.

It is also essential to find out whether the Instructors at the Golf School you are considering work full-time for the company. Many less talented Instructors use subcontractors part-time, and these Instructors may not be as consistent as those at a top Golf School.


The best golf schools offer a full range of accommodations to make the experience more immersive. For example, the Mike Bender Elite Golf Academy offers tailor-made coaching lessons from instructors skilled in the sport’s full swing, short game, and fitness aspects. Their facility also features cutting-edge technology like Trackman, the K-Vest 3D Motion System, and the Sam Putt Lab Machine. The school also offers packages perfect for tying into a golf vacation.

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