The complete guide to broadband internet in India and its benefits

The internet is one of the mandatory and essential features in this digitally-evolving era. While India is gearing up for a 5G connection, broadband is still an affordable option for many. Read on to learn what a broadband connection is and its types suitable for your home. 

What is a broadband connection?

A broadband connection is an always-on internet connection, widely used in India since the early ’90s. It was an upgrade from dial-up connections that primarily used telephone lines. As technology grew rapidly, a broadband connection is classified into fiber optic, cable, wireless broadband and DSL. 

  • Fiber-optic – Fiber-optic internet is the most advanced means of broadband connection in India. Data is transmitted through glass cables at the speed of light. Since light travels at a high-speed, fiber-optic connections promise ultra-fast internet connectivity. The glass cables are heavy and do not interact with other materials. Hence, you will enjoy unlimited internet supply for an entire day without disturbance.
  • Cable – When internet connectivity is achieved through TV cables, your devices are powered by cable internet connections. Most of the residential broadband connections are through cable in India. Cable connections tend to be slow, as data is transmitted via copper cables. Copper cables are highly interactive with their surroundings, and the internet connection is often disturbed.
  • Satellite – Satellite internet connection is usually received through satellites orbiting in outer space. With satellite internet connections, it is easy to provide internet connections anywhere, be it among dense forests in the mountains. Your modem gets the signal from these satellites and transmits it to your devices. Satellite internet connections have high-speed upload and download speeds. 
  • Wireless broadband – Wireless internet connections are usually transmitted over the air, either via radio waves or satellite signals. It is a fact that wireless connections are the slowest among others. Generally, connection to wireless Internet requires a wireless Internet modem, wireless access card or Internet dongle by the end user.
  • DSL – DSL is a digital subscriber line that transmits the internet via cables and lines, through an ethernet or Wi-Fi. With a DSL modem, the telephone signals get converted to a digital line for use. Even though DSL uses telephone lines, you will find no interruptions in the signal. DSL is one of the cost-effective measures for high-speed internet. 

Benefits of broadband internet  

Faster download/upload speeds

Did you know that broadband connection is 100x faster than dial-up connections? You will always find your internet is slow when you upload something to a site, and downloading is done quickly. But, when you opt for broadband connections, both upload and download speeds will be higher and similar. 

Easy access

If you have a high-speed broadband internet connection, you can access it from anywhere. It is possible with the cloud feature, through which you can connect multiple computers/devices simultaneously.

Public safety

Cybercrimes keep increasing globally, and using a secure broadband internet connection can be the first step to deal with it. If hackers or someone else is trying to take advantage of your social media handles and other accounts online, you can prevent those to an extent through broadband connections.  


One of the primary reasons for opting for a broadband connection is consistency. Even when the weather is terrible, you will get stable internet research throughout your day. 

Little to less interruptions

Since the connections and the line for this connection is different, you can enjoy uninterrupted internet anytime. You can use broadband internet while you are on voice calls on your phone. 


Once you set up your broadband connection and password, you will get an internet supply 24*7. Apart from major technical glitches that might influence your internet, nothing can shake a stable broadband connection. 


Entertainment and broadband growth are directly proportional, and each has grown tremendously over these three years, especially during the pandemic. With unlimited broadband, there is never a chance of experiencing dull moments at home, is there?


Mobile connectivity can often get weak, thereby disrupting your browsing and streaming. With broadband, there will be no significant disturbances in signal strength. Hence, broadband connections are more reliable than everything else. 

Larger bandwidth

Most mobile data packages offer a daily or monthly data cap, which may restrict you from enjoying unlimited internet. Most internet service providers offer broadband packages with larger bandwidth, which means unlimited data. 

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Who is the leading broadband internet service provider in India?

Due to the country’s demand for high-speed internet, fiber-optic cables are becoming popular now. Many services offer fiber-optic connections. Before choosing it, you have to check if there is better connectivity in or near your area that provides a great customer support team with stable speed. Excitel is one such reliable internet service provider that offers all of this and more. Once you secure a broadband connection at Excitel, you will enjoy unlimited speed throughout the day, irrespective of the number of devices connected at your home or business. 

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