What are the social issues in the Philippines? 10 Major issues you need to know in 2022

social issues in the Philippines
social issues in the Philippines

The social issues in the Philippines might be one of the reasons that we are failing financially. There are so many social issues to talk about but this article will only discuss the major ones and how they affect us greatly. If you would like to discuss social issues in other countries, please leave a comment down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Social issues in the Philippines

1.      Child Labor

The first social issues in the Philippines is child labor. Children are being used for labor because their parents are too poor to have them go through school. They need money so instead of sending their children to school, they use them for work so that the family can earn money together which is better than nothing at all. However, instead of helping with cleaning and cooking, they are used for labor in illegal mines and factories.

They work long hours and the most interesting fact is that they receive no salary at all. They don’t get paid for what they do because their parents just want them to find a way to earn money which eventually leads them to an early death. The social advocates of child labor in Philippines wanted children who were 10 years old or younger eliminated from mining and factories because when their bodies grow bigger, it will be harder for them to handle the heavy objects inside the factory or mine.

2.      Sexual Abuse

Another social issues in the Philippines is sexual abuse. Many people in Philippines experience sexual abuse even if they’re young like 12 years old. This happens when someone has power over them and that power forces the person to do something that they don’t want to. This social issue should be treated harshly because many children suffer from this social issue and other social issues related to sexual abuse.

3.      Prejudice

Another social issues in the Philippines is prejudice. There are social prejudices and stereotypes against people who have dark skin, red hair, and other vulnerable groups of people like homosexuals and bisexuals. There’s a popular belief in Philippines called colorism where it states that people with lighter skin tone are better than those with darker skin tone which causes these social issues. People believe in this for two reasons: 1) where they live (where there is discrimination or discrimination isn’t really heard of), and 2) what family they are in.

4.      Suicide

One of another social issues that results from social discrimination is suicide. There are many suicides associated with social discrimination like for example homosexuals who attempt suicide because they’re bullied by other people for their sexuality.

People discriminate others on their skin color which causes more aggressive social issues like cancer . This is where someone treats another person badly because of their skin tone which causes chemicals to be released into the body of the victim causing them get cancer eventually.

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5.      Racism/Tribalism

Another social issues in the Philippines is racism or tribalism. Racism is the belief that one race is better than another and they treat this social issue as if it’s normal to believe that dark-skinned people aren’t good enough. There are many tribes in the Philippines but most of them are uneducated so they lack knowledge about life itself because of social discrimination which causes these social issues.

Eight out of ten social issues in the Philippines can be traced back to discrimination against others with darker skin tones, red hair, et cetera regardless of how educated they are. This makes people upset which eventually causes social issues that aren’t good for the Philippines.

The social issues in the Philippines is social discrimination which results to other social issues like suicide, cancer, et cetera. This social issue happens when someone discriminates one person because of their skin tone or what kind of family they are native to, et cetera. This social issue should be stopped as soon as possible before it gets out of control and causes more social problems than ever before.

6.      Educational Issues

Another social issues in the Philippines is educational issues. There are many people who cannot afford to send their children to school so instead, they force them into labor just so they can earn money to support themselves and their families (if there are any). They do this social issue to their children because they believe that education is a waste of time and money. The reason why they think this social issue is wrong is because it’s the opposite of what the social advocates for social issues want for Philippines.

Education social issue should be prepared as soon as possible in order to prevent social issues from happening again, especially with the underprivileged kids who live there.

7.      Domestic Violence

Another social issue a lot of people have experienced a lot is domestic violence. Domestic violence has been going on for centuries now and it still hasn’t been solved yet which causes more social problems than ever before. People abuse each other just because they have power over them so if you know someone who is being abused by their significant other, tell social services or the social police because social issues like these should be stopped at once.

8.      Child Abuse

Another social issue that needs help right now is child abuse. There are many children who suffer physical and mental abuse just because their parents don’t want to take care of them or they’re very strict with them. They think that this social issue is good for the kid but it’s not since social services won’t always be there when social issues happen so if you see someone abusing their kid, call social services before it gets out of control.

People all around the world need to understand what social issues are happening in Philippines especially students who live in Philippines or near Philippines. If you know anyone who’s not aware of social issues happening in Philippines, tell them about social issues so they can help solve it before social services are called.

9.      HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is another social issue which makes it hard for people to find jobs even if they didn’t do anything bad with their life. This social problem might not be the only social problem affecting Philippines but it’s still a social issue that can make someone lose everything they worked for in their entire lifetime. All social problems should be cured as soon as possible because it could cause cancer, social discrimination, and more social problems than ever before.

10.  Cancer

Another social issue is Cancer which affects many children and adult lives around the world. As long as there are tumors or incomplete cells in your body then there’s no stopping of cancer from spreading around your body until you die. It may look easy to stop social issues from happening but it’s not because there are social activists who fight for social justice every day so if you know anyone or you have social issues, tell social service or social police to fix it.

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