Review: Cardboard Shredder for Packaging Material

Cardboard Shredder for Packaging Material
Cardboard Shredder for Packaging Material

The cardboard boxes shredding machine works a little like a paper shredder for your discarded cardboard boxes. The machine upgrades your cardboard boxes waste into top quality and eco-friendly product packaging material or cardboard boxes void fill materials, such as pieces, netting, or potato chips. This sustainable material is an affordable and ecological option and replacement to plastic packaging materials such as polyurethane foam peanuts, bubble cover, and Styrofoam prevents.

What is a cardboard shredder?

The Cardboard Shredder for packaging material is a commercial or commercial recycling machine that lets you instantly recycle and repurpose your cardboard boxes waste into product packaging material.

These cardboard boxes recycling machines can produce cushioning coming up, flat netting, potato chips, or strips. Having a cardboard shredder you reduce cardboard waste materials by converting it into eco-friendly packaging materials for amazing products.

It also reduces the price of plastic material packing materials and waste hauling. The cardboard perforator changes cardboard into versatile, cushioning, shock-absorbing cardboard boxes netting. On the other hand, a cardboard shredder becomes cardboard into small shreds or pieces.

Is a cardboard shredder same as a papers shredder?

A cardboard boxes recycler, perforator, or converter isn’t designed to shred papers or confidential documents, so don’t mistake this machine with a paper shredder because these are different devices.

Whilst the purpose of a normal paper shredder is to eliminate confidential paper documents by cutting them into unreadable contaminants or confetti to protect people’s personal privacy, the purpose of a cardboard shredder is to make your packing and void fill materials. This difference means you can’t eliminate cardboard with a typical paper shredder device.

How does a cardboard shredder work?

So, just how does a cardboard shredder work and is hard to operate? Each cardboard shredders and perforators are user friendly and incredibly easy to operate, not forgetting also safe to use. This is how easy it is to operate:

  • Turn the machine on by pressing the on/off button.
  • Grab a item of cardboard and feed it in to the front opening of the shredder or perforator.
  • That’s it! The converted cardboard boxes falls out of the back part of the machine.

What can you shred or perforate?

Cardboard shredders can shred any (corrugated) cardboard. The only requirement would be that the cardboard boxes are flat, such as flattened cardboard boxes, sheets, and paperboard. Consequently, solid cardboard rolls cannot be processed by these machines as they are too thick. It will also be mentioned that craft papers cannot be disposed or perforated because it is too thin.

You are able to shred or perforate:

  • Cardboard boxes (brown and colored cardboard)
  • Cardboard sheets and dishes
  • Corrugated cardboard (single and double walls cardboard)
  • Paperboard, chipboard or fiberboard (gray cardboard)

Why use a cardboard shredder?

Whilst most cardboard conversion produces cardboard matting from your cardboard boxes scrap, for example, from cardboard containers, some cardboard package shredders can also provide chips and pieces rather than netting. By doing this, you can use your cardboard permanently destroying machine to quickly choose a void fill up material in various designs and sizes to safeguard products in transportation while at the same time repurposing and reusing your cardboard waste in an eco-friendly manner.

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