Reasons To Invest In Automated Sortation

Reasons To Invest In Automated Sortation

The concept of automated sortation is to make the process easier and eliminate human error. This can be done in various ways, including automating picking strategies, reducing labor costs, and improving picking strategy. Automated sortation is a great solution for warehouses that need to sort packages efficiently.

Automated Sortation Eliminates Human Error.

While humans are still needed for sorting orders, the human factor can cause many errors, costing a company time and money. Automated sortation machines eliminate this potential for error. Therefore, this technology will help businesses increase efficiency and reduce errors. Not to mention that this technology also helps companies save money on labor. 

Automation is a must for all businesses. This type of technology will help your business increase its productivity from picking and processing to order fulfillment and returns. Without automation, employees would have to manually sort the items in their baskets and make mistakes that could result in a loss of a customer. By implementing this technology, your company can enjoy several benefits, including higher customer satisfaction and profits.

Reduces Labor Cost

Automating their sortation processes is a great option for companies looking for a solution to reduce labor costs. Businesses can significantly increase their sortation capacity, improve product handling, minimize errors, and optimize the workforce by automating sortation processes. Automated sortation can also boost productivity and improve labor conditions. Whether you need to sort a wide variety of products or manage large inventories, automated sortation systems can help you improve your business.

Improves Picking Strategy

Investing in an automated sortation system is an excellent way to cut costs and increase productivity. It reduces the number of workers needed to fulfill a single order and can increase picking speed by up to 40%. A single worker can pick items for up to 30 different orders at once, feeding the items to the sorter, which parcels them into each order. A system can also increase the number of pickers per order, reducing labor hours and cutting walking time.

Most small and medium-sized companies already have a pick process, and it takes up the most resources. It might be a daily ritual that involves taking the day’s orders and walking into the garage to pick up items. But as the business grows, this process will need to become more accurate and comfortable. It’s essential to implement an automated sortation system to avoid mistakes. Using a sorter can help you cut labor costs and improve your picking strategy.

Reduces Picking Time

When it comes to picking, sorting incoming inventory, and processing returns, an automated sortation system can help your business greatly. Not only will automated sortation improve productivity, but it will also prevent costly human error. As with all manual tasks, human error is a significant factor. Not only will errors result in lost or damaged packages, but they will also increase the labor costs associated with non-value-added tasks. When items are routed to the wrong area, associates must waste time tracking them and transporting them to the proper locations.

Improves Uptime

While automated sortation can improve uptime, it can also reduce operating costs. Different sorters use different mechanisms to sort items, so the cost will vary accordingly. Likewise, different sorters can have different numbers of destinations and diverts. The more destinations and diverts you have, the more complex the sorter will be. In addition, higher handling rates will require more expensive components, such as additional conveyor buffers and specialty induction systems, to optimize the gap between each carton.

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