What is the Longest Discord Call Ever?

longest discord call
longest discord call

What is the longest discord call? This is a question many people ask, especially since it seems there is one being called out every single day. Since the advent of the Internet, many competitions have been held to see who can make the biggest, longest, weirdest, or just downright weird call that will stand up to the tests of time.

There are many different ones to choose from, and some are certainly stranger than others. Here is a look at some of the longest discord calls around.

Long Discord Calls

1.      Bellchurch Longest Discord Call

The first and longest discord call in the world record goes to the Bellchurch Longest Discord Call. It took place in June of 2021. There were about 500 community members participating in a massive game of treasure hunt. The goal was to find the mysterious “Master of All Sorts“.

This discord call was around 43.2k hours long and it’s considered as the longest discord call.

The clues were posted on large bulletin boards throughout the community. The players combed through the bulletin boards looking for the clues, and when they found a hidden picture within a clue, they clicked on it to learn more about the person behind the hidden picture.

This was not an ordinary phone conversation, however. The players waited for an hour and a half before the actual discovery of the Master of All Sorts. At the end of the day, there were two records. One was the world record for the longest discord call ever, and the second was the shortest time spent chatting. When the results were announced, the surprising news was not good. The record was actually shorter!

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2.      Call by 5 community members

The next biggest call in the world record was held by the community members. This time involved about 5 community members. A puzzle was laid out on the bulletin board. The players had a limited amount of time to piece the puzzle together and solve the riddle. The winner of this competition was rewarded with a plaque and a certificate.

This was not all that was going on in the world of internet games. Some community members were beginning to suspect that the “wumpus” was really getting away with it. There were several stories of questionable behavior by moderators of chat sites.

It was becoming obvious that the “wumpus” was using the internet as a way to circumvent all sorts of laws, both federal and local. With more adult video games being uploaded to websites such as Yahoo, the “wumpus” could get any number of underage individuals to log onto these websites and download materials that would be illegal for them to have downloaded on their home computers in the first place.

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They did this without the consent or knowledge of any of the real adults who were participating on the chat sites.

Eventually, someone decided to do something about this issue. Enter “facetime“, a site dedicated to helping people figure out what is the world record for longest conversation on the World Wide Web.

After much hard work, the “wumpus” finally got his long chat line set up so that he could finally relax and play the game without worrying about getting arrested for doing so. And while he was at it, he also figured out how to beat the record.

He began to experiment with different kinds of software to help him get the longest chat session going. Using the most popular free VoIP softwares such as Skype and GoogleTalk he was able to build what is now known as the longest discord call ever. Then he made it even more interesting by inviting other members of the chat room to join.

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When they accepted, they were suddenly transported into a whole new virtual world where they could talk to each other in an environment that was strikingly similar to what you might find at a real “real” chat station.

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A lot of people have commented positively about the length of this particular conversation. Some even went as far as saying that it was better than having a real live person talk to them. Others said that it felt as if they were having a regular conversation with someone in their own home. Whatever the case may be, there is no denying that the longest conversation lasted a very long time indeed. Some people who have tried it have taken to heart the fact that they actually did talk for a very long time and in the end received a very satisfying answer to their question of what is the world record for longest conversation.

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