IQ-Driven E-Learning: Mastering Project Scope for Optimal Outcomes

The digital learning process is developing nowadays, and to have the most desirable results in the course of e-learning, it’s beneficial to understand the project scope and make use of it. Below, in this blog post, you will delve into the basic understanding of IQ tests, their role in e-learning, and how the project scope works itself. Here we will clarify the importance of project scope in the project planning process. 

What is E-learning?

E-learning, electronic learning, includes any educational process that occurs on the digital platform. E-learning has several benefits, for instance, its flexibility, which means it allows learning at any time and anywhere. Digital learning is also beneficial because it is cost-effective and affordable. 

The learning process that occurs online covers a wide range of courses that include from short tests to the ones that provide a University degree or a certificate of compilation. E-learning can take place anytime and from any device, be it a laptop, computer or a smartphone. 

IQ-Driven E-Learning

As mentioned above e-learning is any educational process that occurs on digital platforms. But what is IQ-driven e-learning and how does it work? 

IQ is an indicator of an individual’s intelligence based on the tests they pass that encompass a variety of questions. Those questions may be created based on various incentives, but the main purpose of those tests is to check the participant’s IQ, short for Intelligence quotient. 

IQ-driven e-learning is the electronic education suggested based on the different IQ levels of participants. In other words, it is an IQ-driven education that occurs on digital platforms. To identify the individual’s IQ level, they need to pass tests that provide various questions to check the IQ level, such as the Mensa intelligence test.

IQ tests and learning: Are they valid?

Having discussed the concept of IQ-driven e-learning and digital learning itself you may ask what IQ tests are valid and whether you should take those online IQ tests and trust the results. Well, there are several IQ tests on the Internet, and all of them are different and include questions that are diverse from those in other tests and meanwhile have some similarities. But the thing is that you can still get trustworthy results of your IQ level by passing online IQ tests. 

IQ tests have advantages that are worth mentioning, those advantages may also encourage you to try to test your IQ. 

Thus, IQ tests are:

  • Fun

Even though at first IQ tests may seem stressful and difficult, actually they are fun. The tasks included in the tests, as mentioned above, do not refer to any field such as mathematics or linguistics and so on, it rather concentrate on the visual and logical understanding of the participants. 

  • Improved testing

IQ tests are helpful when it comes to education. With the help of IQ tests, it would be easier to identify the right educational system for the right students. In this way the educational system will be rather sophisticated and the program will provide future identification of quite talented students.

On the other hand, IQ tests may represent some disadvantages, such as:

  • Separation

The educational program that is created based on the level of IQ separates the students and creates some kind of classification among students. Some students may not be able to pass the IQ tests and get high results, but they are likely to be talented in other spheres.

  • Different types of IQ

The first disadvantage is somehow a result of the second one. As IQ tests are not capable of giving the IQ levels of people of different intelligence types it can be not so beneficial. For instance, some people may not be very talented in a certain sphere, but they are quite talented in another, completely different field, as IQ tests measure the intelligence level based on the visual and logical perception of students, they can fail to represent the IQ level of an individual, let’s say in music and art. 

Hence, there are hundreds of IQ measuring tests online, and all of them are composed based on certain types of questions that give the IQ level of the participants, simultaneously having both advantages and disadvantages.

What is the Mensa Intelligence Test?

A good way of checking your IQ level is doing it with the help of the Mensa intelligence test. Mensa is an organization that consists of members who have proven to have passed over the 98th percentile of the intelligence test. The Mensa organization finds individuals who have exceptionally high IQ levels via their intelligence tests. 

The Mensa IQ questions are not composed based on some mathematical, linguistic, or other skills. After discussing the Mensa Intelligence Test and the varied nature of IQ tests, individuals looking to engage their audience with interactive quizzes on WordPress websites can seamlessly incorporate user-friendly assessments using a WordPress quiz plugin. This plugin enables effortless creation and customization of quizzes, enhancing user engagement and providing an enjoyable learning experience for participants in the realm of e-learning. They are created purely based on visual reasoning skills. Anyone can take the Mensa intelligence test, as it’s free and open for everyone who desires to try and check their IQ. The test includes various questions that get more and more difficult gradually as you take the test. It is believed that the Mensa intelligence test indicates the right result for the IQ level. Nevertheless, the results may be a bit different depending on whether you take the test online or offline.

What is the Project Scope?

The project scope refers to the process of understanding the project and all the work that will be performed in the scope of the project. Usually, the project scope includes the act of breaking down the project into smaller tasks, to better envisage what steps exactly the project includes. 

For understanding and perceiving the project better, it is useful also to find out the products that are required for the project. This includes the process of breaking down the project into needed products. 

The project scope is very important when it comes to e-learning. It involves every detail connected to the e-learning project, which can include responsibilities, requirements, tasks, timeline, costs, and so on.

Let’s discuss some of them.

  • The description of the project

In this part the project scope includes a detailed description of the project, usually, it identifies who are the people who take the e-learning course.

  • The objectives of the project

The goals of the project are also defined in the project scope. The main objective is identified first, then other goals that the course aims to achieve.

  • The timeframe of the project

The project scope of e-learning also includes the estimated timeline. This timeline is fixed based on the client’s requirements and based on the activities of each individual.

  • The risks of the project

Any circumstance or event that can somehow affect the course of the project scope is considered a risk of the project and is taken into consideration while creating the project scope.

  • The budget of the project

The project scope should also include at least the estimated cost of the project and the budget that corresponds to all the required resources for the development of the course.

Project Scope for Optimal Outcome

Having a planned project scope is very important when we need to save time because even though the project scope planning requires time and energy for careful planning it saves time for later realization of the project. 

One of the most difficult parts of the project realization is the project scope planning. First and foremost you need to collect the requirements of stakeholders and data. This information allows understanding what are the requirements and expectations of the project and this can be very helpful during the planning of the project. For a better understanding of the project, it is also beneficial to break down the work, which is mentioned above. An effective project scope and project management require the participation of the whole team in the project planning process.

Thus, mastering the project scope and applying it in the process of project planning can be significantly beneficial for the future project to be successful. The project scope helps to understand the project step by step, to identify the resources needed for the project planning, and to save time for the later project realization process.


To conclude the blog post, we have discussed and clarified the concept of e-learning and provided a basic understanding of IQ-driven e-learning. We discussed the IQ tests, their types, and the structure of the questions included in the tests. As already mentioned, IQ tests don’t measure the intelligence of the individuals who take the tests based on mathematical, linguistic, or other fields, they rather include questions of logical and visual characteristics. This is the reason why IQ tests are not able to identify the different types of intelligence people have. Nevertheless, there are IQ tests that give trustworthy results of your IQ level, such as the Mensa intelligence test. Moreover, to organize a better educational system with IQ-driven e-learning it’s important to have a good understanding of the project scope, to plan the project realization without any flaws.

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