How to Share Content Online Via Your Browser

About 80% of people use more than one device to access the internet. When you own multiple devices, a challenge is set up when you need to share content such as text or links from one device to the other.

This is not so much of a challenge if you own an Apple device, you can simply make use of the universal clipboard. But this is not the case for most people who own an iPhone, a Windows OS, and an Android device. Some people even use more than one type of the same device.

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in our lives, the number of devices that we use will also increase. This means that having a simple, fast, and efficient way to manage and share content between your devices will be very important.

ShareTXT is a free online application. The application was developed by Rex Anthony an independent open-source developer and content creator in February 2021. It provides an elegant solution that enables you to share text quickly between the devices that you own, and it is very easy to use. Unlike similar alternatives like JustPasteIt or PasteBin, it does not generate a link that you need to memorize and you do not need to install an app, sign up, or set up anything.

Here’s how to quickly share text with ShareTXT:

  1. Open your browser and head over to the ShareTXT website
  2. Visit the same link on the other device that you want to share text
  3. Type or paste your text into the input field to share your text
share txt

You can visit the same link on multiple devices and share text between all of the connected devices.

Share links or text between Android and PC

The cool thing about ShareTXT is that it works independently of device type. This means that you can be able to send content from an Android device to your PC or an iPhone to Android and so on. You can also share text from any computer to your mobile. The only requirement to using ShareTXT is a web browser and an internet connection.

Tips for sharing text online with ShareTXT

  • You can visit any route you like to share your private information by clicking on the name of the route displayed on the screen
  • You can toggle between light and dark mode at the top right of the application
  • You can choose your preferred language at the top right of the application
  • Some routes cannot be accessed because they have already been claimed. To claim a route, type the name of the route that you would like to claim into the input box, then click on “Claim my link” and finally, enter your email and password and click signup or signup with Google.
  • Route names are case-sensitive. This means that “default” is different from “DEFAULT”. This allows everyone to claim the link that they love without preventing others.

Applications of ShareTXT

Share text content between your devices

If you have multiple devices, ShareTXT enables you to quickly share text between your devices with no overhead. Most other applications will generate a link that you need to copy and enter into the receiving application. With ShareTXT, you simply visit the site and paste your text, and the content is shared between the connected clients.

Track the productivity of your writers

If you manage a team of writers you will be able to track how many words each writer is producing at any given time. This enables you to know which of your writers is falling behind so that you can contact them and help them out.

Share documents among your staff

Most offices have a board that they use to communicate and inform other members of the team.

This board can take many forms such as a notification that informs everyone about a meeting.

It can also be a task board that staff members can use to check off tasks that they have completed.

Most businesses can use ShareTXT to share information and keep everyone on the same page.

Perform real-time content audit for your writers

Content is King. Creating high-quality content is even better. If you manage a team of writers you can do more than track how many words they are producing. You can also make changes to the content by adding valuable anecdotes such as statistics, company information that the writers might be unaware of, and so on. You can do all this in real time as the content is being produced.

Real-time remote peer programming

Peer programming is the situation where two programmers write the source code for a computer program at the same workstation. Each person looks at the code that the other member is writing.

The collaboration plus the fact that each member is validating the other ensures that more thought goes into the writing of each routine, which leads to stable and reliable code with fewer bugs.

ShareTXT provides a platform that enables programmers to work remotely from wherever they are in the world. The platform can accommodate multiple programmers working on a single document at the same time.

Enable multiple authors to work on the same content at the same time

You can have multiple authors working on the same content simultaneously. This requires a little planning and delegation of tasks.

For example, an author can be responsible for creating and optimizing the structure of the document such as the title and subheadings, a group of authors might write content for each subheading, another author will fact-check the content that is written and add statistics and anecdotes, another author can add references for pictures and illustrations where necessary, while another will check for grammatical errors in wording and ensure that the whole content plays well with each other and does not look like content that was stitched together.

This can enable you to create large pillar content faster.

Wrapping up

Sharing text online between your devices today is so easy thanks to ShareTXT. All that you need to do is simply visit the website on the devices that you want to share text between, then paste your text to share. No data is stored, the data is encrypted and the transfer is fast.

ShareTXT is unique because it is the first online application that has been designed for real-time text sharing been your connected devices.

ShareTXT has more applications that enable you to boost your productivity

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