How to Find Viral Videos on Instagram?


In the vast landscape of Instagram, where billions of videos compete for attention, discovering the secret sauce for creating viral content is a pursuit undertaken by many. One powerful tool that often goes underutilized is the use of keywords. 

By strategically employing keywords, you can unlock a treasure trove of viral video opportunities. In this article, we will delve into the techniques to find viral videos on Instagram using keyword searches.

Understanding Instagram’s Search Functionality:

Instagram’s search functionality is a powerful ally in your quest for viral videos. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the search bar at the top of the Instagram interface. This tool allows you to search not only for users and hashtags but also for keywords that may lead you to trends and popular content.

Identifying Relevant Keywords:

Start by brainstorming a list of keywords that align with your interests or the theme of your content. These keywords can be broad or niche-specific, depending on your target audience. Consider terms that are commonly associated with trending topics and viral content within your niche.

Explore the ‘Tags’ Tab:

Instagram’s search bar has a dedicated ‘Tags’ tab where you can explore popular and trending hashtags related to your keywords. Click on these hashtags to discover a wealth of content that is currently making waves. This is an excellent way to find inspiration and understand the type of videos that resonate with users.

Utilize Instagram’s Explore Page:

The ‘Explore’ page is a goldmine for discovering viral content. Enter your chosen keywords in the search bar and navigate to the ‘Explore’ tab. Instagram’s algorithm will curate a feed based on your interests, showcasing popular videos that align with your keywords. Take note of the engagement metrics on these videos to gauge their virality.

Engage with Popular Accounts:

Identify influential accounts within your niche and explore the content they share. By engaging with these accounts and their followers, you gain insights into the kind of videos that are capturing attention. Additionally, you may discover popular keywords that are synonymous with viral content in your niche.

Experiment with Synonyms and Variations:

Expand your search by experimenting with synonyms and variations of your chosen keywords. Instagram’s search algorithm is sophisticated and can recognize related terms. This approach broadens your scope and introduces you to a diverse range of videos that may have the potential to go viral.

Analyze Video Captions:

The captions accompanying viral videos often contain keywords that contribute to their discoverability. Analyze the captions of popular videos within your niche to identify recurring keywords. Integrating similar keywords into your content can enhance its visibility.

Stay Consistent and Adapt:

Viral trends on Instagram are ever-evolving. Stay consistent in your keyword searches, and be ready to adapt to emerging trends. Regularly update your list of keywords based on shifts in user behavior and popular culture.


In the quest for viral videos on Instagram, leveraging the power of keywords can be a game-changer. By mastering the art of strategic keyword searches, you open doors to a world of trending content, inspiration, and potential collaboration opportunities. Stay curious, adapt to changing trends, and use keywords as a compass to navigate the vast and dynamic landscape of Instagram’s video content. As you explore and experiment, you may find yourself at the forefront of the next big viral sensation.

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