How Old Do You Have to Be to Invest in Stocks: 5 Tips for Teen Investors

How old do you have to be to invest in Stocks
How old do you have to be to invest in Stocks

Many teenagers have a question like how old do you have to be to invest in stocks? In this article, we will discuss and find the answer to it.

Investing in stocks

I’ve always had an interest in investing. My mother encourages me and she teaches me about it too. When I was younger, I bought stocks, preferred shares, and REITs. But I didn’t invest in other stocks because I didn’t know much about the stock market. One of my early life plans was to earn a monthly income.

How old do you have to be?

To answer that question, it is important to know about what you are investing in. A $100 investment for kids who are 18 to 20 years old will grow to $2,700 at a yearly interest rate of 4 percent.

If you are 18 years old, you are not old enough to invest in stocks. Yet, if you have a birthday before October 1st, and your birthday falls in the first half of next year, you can invest in stocks. Unfortunately, you must be 21 years old to invest in stocks and you cannot invest for retirement until you are 25 years old.

That means if you invest a dollar today, you must invest in stocks for at least five years before the dollars grow up to $1,000. Investing in stocks does not give you instant returns. However, teenagers can make money from their stock investments.

More advantages

These days, investors have two options for investing. Firstly, the direct buying and selling of stocks. But there is another kind of investing that not many people are aware of. That is, people can invest in stocks indirectly.

The companies are putting in money in the stock market, and this money can be the first step to invest in stocks. Sealing the deal an investment in stocks is known to be high risk.

But this is the only option that teenagers have for investing in stocks. But, for investing in stocks, you don’t have to wait until you are 20-21 years old to start.

For example, you can start investing at 15-17 years old. This option is not something that most people would want to venture into. Start early, it will be good. You can start making gains early.

5 Tips for Teenage Investors: The Basics of Investing for Teens

Here are the 5 best tips for teen investors and this basic guide will help you save your investment. These tips are from experts and experienced businessmen.

1.   Save Your Money

There are two main aspects that impact the success of a youngster’s investment:

(1) quality of investment

(2) easy accessibility

There are some things that is better to do than not doing them: save your money because a child with a small amount of money can be more flexible when it comes to his/her investment choices. Parents and teachers can help you with this one.

Save your money

Continue Reading Below You need to learn to control your urge to buy just anything, even things that are totally useless for you. Have a Realistic Budget Set some financial goals: goal for what you want to invest, aim for average returns and objective, and financial need. Do this for at least 2-3 years to create your financial plan and analyze your spending habits and patterns.

2.   Know What You’re Investing In

Every teenager is eager to make a bit of money from the side. They would do anything to earn some bucks through betting or doing other things to earn a good amount. It is easy to start with a small amount when you have a clear goal.

However, you must be careful. Investing in any kind of unregistered stock can have serious legal issues. It is very important to be really knowledgeable about investing as it is a very serious thing. It is important to have an understanding of the basics of investing and the basics of investing in stocks.

Know your investment

When you know what you are investing in, it would become easy to invest your money in stocks or a money market account. There are many pros and cons to consider before investing. For instance, when you get a good return on your investment, you must be happy.

3.   Seek Professional Advice

Teenage investors are eager to make money. Some teenagers invest in stocks and other types of financial instruments without any guidance. These types of investments can be extremely risky because you are taking such a large investment risk.

You can avoid many of these mistakes by seeking professional advice from an independent investor. This is one way to build a profitable portfolio and beat the market.

4.   Do Your Research

Your ultimate goal should be to figure out what stocks to buy before the public market is alerted about the purchase. As a teen, you don’t have the experience to play with millions of dollars and have the ability to allocate your investments according to your time frame.

So, you need to build up the knowledge on how to invest before even looking for stocks. Make a budget and stick to it. Spending money on something when you are not aware on what’s happening in the market is something you need to avoid.

Choose the stock from an ICO and purchase at least a small percentage of the company. Ask friends or family members who are already investing what they do before you invest. Learn from the financial, political, and social consequences of the decision you’re making.

5.   Be Patient

Investing in stocks isn’t the easiest thing to do, so don’t expect a fast win. In fact, you may have to wait a while before you see some returns.

However, it is all in the timing. People think that a dollar now will be worth more in the future, but that isn’t necessarily true. That’s why it is so important to invest when you can get better returns.

Not all stocks will perform well, but there are some that will consistently provide returns. You may also find that you can lose money in certain stocks, but that isn’t always the case. It’s okay to take some losses as long as you pick up some profits in other stocks.

Learn the Basics of Investing Everyone is different and the way they approach investing is going to be different as well.


Many teenagers are investing risk when investing in stocks and they should have complete research before investing.

They should know each and everything like the age, minimum investment, and so on. 

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