Great Looks to Shine with This Spring

Great Looks to Shine with This Spring

The weather is finally getting better from the cold winters, and it is time to get out and show off your appearance. Still, we all know that beauty routines are important because they help us feel our best.

You don’t have to sacrifice your confidence or your time in the sun, however, to look and feel beautiful. There are ways to still feel ready for your best social media picture and maximize your time outside. Check out our three tips for effortless summer beauty looks that don’t steal your time in the sun.

 Simplify Your Makeup Products

Over the summer, a full face of makeup takes too much time and doesn’t usually hold up well in the hot, sticky weather. Cut back on your product routine in the summer.

Be sure to keep sunscreen and moisturizer in your skin regiment but try to cut back on your cosmetics list. Focusing on one feature frees up time and effort.

A bold lip makes you look polished, put together, and lively with little effort.  Just aim for a quick swipe of your favorite lip and then minimal products for the rest of your face. Swap a full foundation routine for some dots of concealer and a setting spray.

Use waterproof mascara for a day by the pool. If eyes are your favorite feature, do some quick, simple eyeshadow and eye liner and opt for a clear gloss.

Less can really be more, especially if it means more time with family and friends doing activities you love.

Try Fast Drying Salon-Quality Nails at Home

Nail strips are a perfect solution for any time of year but especially in the spring. If you’ve tried them in the past and didn’t love them, try them again as the technology has greatly improved.  Nails are always a great addition to your beauty routine, adding fun and color to the season.

The perfect nail color and design expresses your personality and adds a pop of fun, sophistication, and style to any look. But no one wants to spend hours in a nail salon just to get results that might not make it through the whole beach trip. You can try the best quality nail strips in spring styles from Danni & Toni as an example.

The current nail options are so simple to apply, affordable, and they really, truly last. No matter what your nails look like, they are easy to fit to your specific nail shape to get the desired look. They also give your nails a break because there is no sanding required.

You just buff and shape your nail, clean them properly, and apply the nail sticker. One application at home and you’re set for potentially several weeks, even with the wear and tear from your summer adventures.

Choose Heat-Friendly Hairstyles

Different products are available to help with your hair as the weather gets warmer. Braids can also be your best friend this time of year depending on your hair length and style.

Check out social media for some quick braiding tutorials. If you’re spending the day poolside or beachside, you can even consider adding a leave-in conditioning treatment with your braids or a hair mask to reap extra benefits.

If braids aren’t your favorite look to sport outside the home, you can still use them to get perfect, tousled beach hair. Braid slightly damp hair before bed and wake up to perfect beach waves with zero time. Just remove the hair ties, remove the braids, and tousle the hair for a gorgeous, modern look.

Cutting out the hair tools gives you more time in the sun and also gives your hair a much-needed break.

Wear a Comfortable and Soft Mask

Although the weather is getting better, it is still good to be safe, especially in large crowds or public transportation. So you can consider getting a mask that is light, affordable, and also has a nice appearance. One option for this are the most comfortable masks from xMask.

They are high-grade face protection that’s designed to keep you safe anywhere you go, and are super soft so convenient every day wear. And since they have real filters, it is better than using cute but less-effective designs you could get online from places like Etsy.

Those are on sale for a great discounted price and include 6 colors, as well as filters that you can put inside and change out. This way you can protect yourself and others while looking great at the same time!

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