Features to Consider When Looking For a Plastic Postcard

Features to Consider When Looking For a Plastic Postcard
Features to Consider When Looking For a Plastic Postcard

If you want your plastic postcards to be effective, consider some of the features listed below. These features are Durable, Customizable, and Water-resistant. Translucent portions are also a great way to increase the response rate. The right Plastic postcard will be able to convey your message to the right audience and at the right time. It will also be able to incorporate personalized links, deals, and customer names.

Translucent Portions

Most plastic postcards are made from acetate, which is a transparent material. These cards differ from other emails in several ways. For one, they have a unique look, unlike many other postcards. Another way they differ is that they contain more than one image. Finally, they stand out from other emails due to their design, which may include a photo or a QR code. It is essential to consider your postcard’s style and content before purchasing one.

Another benefit of purchasing postcards with translucent portions is making a more memorable impression. The translucent design on plastic postcards and mailers allows the images and colors to pop. This is one way to separate yourself from boring paper mailers. Additionally, these postcards and mailers are more attractive than paper prints. As a result, you’ll be able to attract a wider audience with a plastic postcard. However, you’ll need to think carefully about which ones will be the most effective for your marketing campaign.


A durable plastic postcard will be more effective than a glossy or paper postcard if you want to capture the eye of your recipients. A glossy postcard will likely fall into the recipient’s hand, while a plastic postcard will catch the eye and be held by a prospective customer. Personalized variable data printing is a great way to increase your response and ROI. By incorporating key tags and pop-off cards, you can create an inexpensive mailing option that will get a higher response rate.

High-quality plastic postcards are available with different features and benefits. These durable postcards are extraordinarily durable and will outlast a card-stock postcard. You can even add your customers’ names or images to the plastic postcard, a feature that will captivate your potential clients. These postcards are a great way to reward your existing customers and attract new customers.


When buying plastic postcards, you should look for several features. Water-resistant postcards are essential because they can withstand harsh USPS sorting. Plastic postcards will stay the same for a long time, making them an excellent choice for direct mail marketing. Water-resistant postcards can also help you get the best first impression. 

Full-color glossy printing is another important feature of these promotional products. This means you can include more content in your postcard. For example, you can consist of a website, contact information, office map, or special offer. Some plastic postcards come with die-cut cards that can be inserted into a wallet or purse. Customers will be reminded of your brand when they carry them in their wallets. Water-resistant postcards are also perfect for gift-giving.


A customized plastic postcard can be used in a variety of marketing campaigns. These postcards can be used for street marketing campaigns, box inserts, and even to track customer activity. The versatility of these mailers makes them a great choice for marketing your business. Customers can keep all their information in one package so they won’t have to look for it. Customizable plastic postcards also make a great gift or membership card.

Aside from the size, custom-printed postcards also feature a full-color design and personalized messages. These cards are made from thick plastic, so your message is placed front and center. This keeps your message in front of the consumer’s face and helps your brand stand out in their wallet. You can also personalize your plastic postcards by adding a photo or a company logo to your postcards. This makes your customers feel special and appreciated.

Magnetic Strip

Plastic postcards can be a great way to advertise your brand and track customer activity. Magnetic strips are embedded in plastic postcards and can be used for many purposes, from scratch-off areas to connecting the mailer to a website. For example, you can embed a barcode to track the location of the postcard after it is received and use this data to optimize your marketing. In addition, this technology benefits automotive postcards, which drive the message and create more traffic.

You should first measure the OE density to determine if your postcards contain a magnetic strip. The OE density is the amount of force needed to erase the data. The higher the OE density, the darker the stripe. For example, a 300oe strip is brown, and a 4000oe strip is very dark with a blackish-red tint. To determine the density of your card’s magnetic strip, test it by using a magnet and a calculator.

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