Citrix vs. VMware: VDI Solution Comparison

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has advanced as a central element of a digital transformation strategy for major enterprises.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure has empowered thousands of small, medium, and large-scale businesses to operate efficiently from anywhere in the world. Whether on-premise or cloud, VDI has played a critical role in keeping businesses running even during any disaster happening in the world. It has enabled companies to gain mobility, agility, and security to flourish in the fast-paced global market.

Today’s market is flooding with multiple VDI vendors that are compared in terms of pricing, interface, performance, and more.

Two giants stand out in the middle of the competition: Citrix and VMware. 

Here let’s see which one of the virtualization solutions suits your business goals: Citrix or VMware.

What is Citrix?

Citrix Systems is an enterprise headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that offers all-in-one technology solutions. Its sophisticated technology works on the concept of virtualization to provide secure remote access to applications and data.

Citrix VDI Features

·         Designed for medium and large organizations 

·         Offers pooled and dedicated virtual desktops solutions 

·         Known for its security

·         Scalability is limitless

Citrix has captured the market in the last few years with its reliable solutions, such as Xenapp (now known as Citrix Virtual Apps) and Xendesktop (now known as Citrix Virtual Desktops). When deployed in a business environment, the Citrix ecosystem can scale to add users, often more than a thousand. Further, Citrix offered premium security with dedicated virtual desktops and pooled non-persistent desktops.

What is VMware Horizon?

VMWare Inc. is an enterprise based in California, offering virtualization solutions to use. Simply put, they provide virtual machine software that can run multiple operating systems via different networks.

VMWare Horizon VDI Product Features

·         Infrastructure designed for the best end-user experience

·         Offers better network bandwidth consumption

·         Simple to deploy

·         Flexible delivery models 

Horizon product from VMware, is an efficient VDI software that delivers network protocol known for its user experience and overall network performance. Further, VMware provides ease of administration to large-scale organizations.

Why Choose Citrix Over VMWare?

There are some critical factors to consider when comparing Citrix and VMWare.

See how Citrix offers you more agility, scalability, security, and premium user experience.

As the industry-leading alternative to VMWare Horizon, Citrix VDI adds a higher value to computing by bringing mission-critical benefits.

·         Scalability

Whether a small-medium business or a large-scale enterprise, every business has dynamic business needs. Can your IT admins accommodate hundreds of new employees in a few minutes while avoiding any suspicious activities across the network? It is challenging to get the freedom to scale as per business needs. 

But Citrix is a workspace software that offers top-notch security while providing access on multiple devices. Citrix allows administrators to scale virtualized desktops whenever a new employee joins.

Businesses can leverage scalability at their best with Citrix VDI.

·         Hybrid multi-cloud Experience

Undoubtedly. VMware can build a hybrid environment, but it restricts the user to native cloud support to Horizon and doesn’t help beyond Microsoft Azure. VMware Horizon supports migration only from Horizon, which can be a problem for businesses migrating workloads from different platforms.

In contrast, Citrix provides the freedom to select from all native integrations for all top hyper scalers, enabling users to manage on-premises and cloud workloads simultaneously.

·         Robust Security Analytics

VMware Horizon enables users to see real-time usage statistics, but it doesn’t guarantee comprehensive security as there is no proper way to mitigate threats.

On the other hand, Citrix VDI equips businesses with state-of-the-art security with its recording capabilities, leveraging options such as live viewing and multi-session options. These options make it easy to spot peculiarities and prevent cyberattacks. Additionally, adaptive authentication helps access detailed user data to modify access based on device location and risk score.

Citrix has a tool that analyzes security to its utmost level. Users can respond to any threat long before a breach and have a recovery plan ready. This is done with a few features, such as triggering session recording and auto-logging in case of suspicious activities and citrix receiver

·         Provisioning Technologies

Citrix’s Provisioning Services (PVS) is based on software configuring or updating data to the endpoints via shared disk images. Accordingly, it allows the companies to reduce the number of disc images utilized. Also, this PVS is scalable enough to enable users to boot virtual machines in a shared manner.

The second Citrix provisioning technology is Machine Creation Service (MCS), which enables creating a replication of virtual machine configurations with a base image. 

PVS offers superior scalability by saving disk space, whereas MCS provides relevant network resilience.

VMware Horizon works on two provisioning technologies: Linked clones and Instant clones. Linked clones work just like Citrix’s MCS, where parent VMs create data clones, dependent on a software component called View Composer. And Instant Clone is formed using the memory of a parent virtual machine using the VMFork technology.

Choose Managed VDI Solutions As A Comprehensive Solution That Comes With Significant Benefits.

Citrix and VMware are predominant giants that rule the desktop virtualization market by offering secure access to organizations along with mobility, scalability, and flexibility. Ace Cloud Hosting is a great managed VDI solution on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops platform that is simple to deploy and affordable for small and medium businesses.

Ace Cloud Hosting Managed VDI eliminates IT administrators’ management curves because it’s taken care of. Your IT administrators have control of infrastructure, whereas management is our focus area.

Our VDI model is designed to boost businesses’ profitability by providing them the resources under a zero-trust security architecture on any device, regardless of location.

Regardless of which platform you used earlier, Ace Cloud Hosting helps in migrating workloads on on-premises infrastructure or cloud, allowing companies to determine the workload distribution that suits their requirements.

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