3 reasons to use WhatsApp links on social networks and how to generate them

3 reasons to use WhatsApp links on social networks and how to generate them

WhatsApp has undoubtedly brought a huge change in our daily lives. Not so long ago, WA was only used as a messaging app, but today you can see that it has become a very important marketing tool. Businesses today are using WhatsApp for better company communication tools with their target audience. But on the other hand, you can see that a company or individual not using WhatsApp is considered outdated and very boring.

In this post, we will talk about WhatsApp links that are widely used today by almost all companies. However, people are still not familiar with these links, which is why we discuss them and their usage in detail.

What is a WhatsApp link?

A WhatsApp link is a clickable URL with which a person can access a WhatsApp conversation/thread. WhatsApp links have become a popular way to connect businesses with their audiences in this way; both parties do not need to save numbers before connecting. An important point you need to note is that WhatsApp links can only be created and used for WA business accounts.

Whatsapp links are commonly used to direct the audience to the contact segment of a business. These links can be placed naked in the content or they can also be embedded in anchor text or images. You can see these links being used more popularly on social media platforms. Before we tell you the reasons to use WA links on social media, we suggest you read about their types:

●        Direct link : This is a simple link that consists of two parts. The first part is the default Thread Link and the second part is the phone number. https://wa.me/CONTACT#NUMBER

●        Direct link with pre-populated messages : This is the type of Link that when clicked you will see a template message appear in the message box. This type of Link consists of three parts. The third is the pre-populated message .

●        Pre-populated link : This is the type of link that is commonly used to send broadcast messages.

Three popular reasons to use Whatsapp links on social media!

There are many reasons why you might want to use WA links on social media platforms. Here at we discuss the top three for your knowledge:

1. Whatsapp links can contribute to better customer support

Social media channels have become popular marketing platforms today. You can see small and large businesses promoting and selling their products and services on their social media pages. Whatsapp links can be added with promotional posts so potential customers can contact customer support and get help.

Whatsapp chat links are added to social media posts so that a customer can ask questions directly from the company’s customer support rather than commenting on the post. Customers can use the links and ask about the status of their orders, file complaints, ask about new arrivals and also share their feedback. Better customer support builds brand reputation and trust, which is why WA links are commonly used today.

2. Whatsapp links can bring more traffic to business conversations/threads

Whatsapp, as we have said before, is not just a messaging app anymore. Today people are using WhatsApp business accounts and using this app as a marketing tool. People can order and buy products and services from WhatsApp business accounts. If you want to increase sales on your WhatsApp business store, then you need to drive more traffic to it.

Whatsapp links can be placed in social media posts/stories and even embedded in images. You can also add links in a call to action (CTA). This way traffic, reach and engagement can be increased which is quite useful for a business. According to recent statistics, more than 35% of customers today prefer to place orders via WhatsApp as they can directly connect with the seller in the chat box.

3. Whatsapp links can create a WA group for direct marketing

Another common reason to add WA links on social media pages is to get more group members. Digital marketers are using Whatsapp groups today to directly promote certain products, services and solutions to a certain group of people.

For example, if a Facebook group is discussing quality bedding products, a marketer can easily add a link to their WhatsApp chat in the comments section and drive traffic to their business chat account. Whatsapp where he can promote quality bedding related products. Therefore, WhatsApp links are also being used as a facilitator for direct marketing.

How to create a whatsapp link?

Now that you know some of the reasons why WA links benefit, you might be wondering how to create these links. Well, there are two ways to create a WhatsApp link. Let’s discuss both:

Create a link with the Whatsapp Business app

An easy way to create a whatsapp link is with a whatsapp business account. You can use this method if you have a business account.

●        Go to settings menu in WA business

●        In settings select business tools

●        In the business tools section, you will find the ‘short link’ option. Click on it.

From there, you can copy the Link and use it on social media. You can also add a customer number or message with Link if you wish.

Use whatsapp link generator

If you find the manual link generation method difficult, don’t worry; you can use whatsapp link generator online tool. These tools are usually free and very easy to use. You can generate a link in three simple steps.

●        First, you need to open the WhatsApp link generator in your browser.

●        The tool will ask you to enter your company number along with the country code.

●        After providing the number, you must add pre-filled text (if desired).

●        Once the input feeds are populated, click on the ‘generate WhatsApp chat link’ button.

In a matter of seconds, the tool will generate a link for you. You can use it anywhere and for whatever purpose you want!

These are the two easy ways to create WhatsApp links. Please note that WhatsApp links can only be generated for business accounts or business numbers.

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